Monday, 20 June 2011

Do you have any tips of the trade you'd like to share?

Hands up how many of you remember the TV show "Trade Secrets"?

Okay. How many of you have logged on to YouTube and typed in the immortal words "How to..."?

Icarus Films is launching a new project, a web TV channel harnessing the power and popularity of YouTube, and is looking for local professionals & businesses who'd like to get involved.

One of the first shows I'm looking to produce for this new web channel is a series of little "How to" videos in a similar vein the BBC show "Trade Secrets". (Example - )

I thought these 15-30 second films would sit nicely next Icarus' 30 Second Webspot Video packages (which are already a great way to get video content on your website and social networking pages). But with the advantage of allowing dialogue to be recorded and, initially, being shot at the cost price of just £35 ea.

So do you have any tips of the trade you'd like to share (and in the process get your business up on YouTube, the world's second largest search engine.) Maybe your an electrician and you'd like to demonstrate how to wire a plug. Or a baker and you'd like to show us all how to make perfect pastry. Maybe you work with green technology and you'd like to show us how to reduce our power consumption. Or a painter who'd like show us how best to clean our brushes.

If you're interested in getting involved give us a shout. And if you'd like any more information about any of our filming packages get in touch today.

Call 01209 718842 or email

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